“I believe great portraits are often given, not taken in a space of trust, understanding, empathy and purpose”. FR

Although leadership is ever present, many leaders outside sports and entertainment who serve as role models for what is possible for young Black Britons are often hidden. In exploring the impact and influence of those who have shone beyond the familiar tropes, we expand the narratives that run throughout, providing a space of open possibility in perception. Reframing and connecting the outcome of passion, talent, and resilience, accompanied by hard work, incredible self-belief and above all striving for excellence we amplify the idea of diversity in opportunity on a platform sharing archive.
Site-specific installation at J.P Morgan, Canary Wharf, London
Radiating Greatness, Commissioned by Black Cultural Archives and sponsored by and exhibited at J.P.Morgan, portraying these five monumental matriarchs within the field of business, commerce and medicine – Baroness Valerie Amos, Karen Blackett OBE, Dame Vivian Hunt, Dr. Sandie Okoro and Dr. Samantha Tross – was a privilege and an amazing experience, to pay recognition to the breadth and depth of their endeavors. For it is critically not just what each one of them has achieved respectively, but also who these eminent women are intrinsically, and what they collectively symbolise.
Site-specific installation at J.P Morgan, Canary Wharf, London
In creating this hybrid re-imagining, homage is made to the shift in thinking, they have fought to re-present. In this capacity, these iconic portraits honour the diversity of strength and significance of their contribution to the time and space in which they sit.
Franklyn Rodgers at site-specific installation at BCA, Brixton, London
The impact and influence of positive role models, particularly successful individuals that, ‘look like us’ has been expressed by the next generation as pivotal in influencing their sense of self, in shaping their courage and confidence.
Creating exhibition catalogue
Radiating Greatness is not only underpinned by the idea of legacy but by the concept of how we rethink connecting content to context through to continuum. The idea of the archive being an ongoing conversation between the present and the future’s past, providing a distinct compass for people to discover and rediscover is the hope of what ‘Radiating Greatness’ will eventually become.
BCA Radiating Greatness installation
Installation archived at the BCA, London
Radiating Greatness exhibition entrance, BCA, Brixton, London
This inaugural study of women of colour in leadership is a beacon to empower young women. To know that they can step forward with confidence and see the possibilities of aspiration grounded in fortitude reflected back at them and to be inspired because the light of the future belongs to them.
The installation touring at Linklaters and SOAS, London